About Rainbow Loom Bracelet

The Rainbow Loom Bracelet was invented by a former Nissan crash test engineer; Cheong Choon Ng from Novi, Michigan USA. The story of Rainbow Loom start with the two daughters – Teresa and Michelle, who loves to create bracelets. One day her girls are making bracelet out of rubber bands and Mr. Ng tried to join and try but he could not quite master them What Mr. Ng did; with the help of his engineering skills, is he designed the loom, which allows kids and himself  to create basic and complex bracelets and the rest is history.

Now, The Rainbow Loom is in 2,100+ stores and shows up as No. 2 best seller in the toys and games category of Amazon.com.

The Rainbow Loom set is comprised of a crochet type hook  and a plastic grid which is the loom. To create a bracelet, you can simply place the coloured rubber bands on the loom and use the crochet type hook to link the bands together. You can create and produce different patterns, colors and types of bracelets.



 Above image shows the rainbow loom package which includes the loom, the plastic crochet and the rubber bands.


It cost $17.49 per set currently the biggest craze in elementary school kids nowadays. It is a creative rubber band crafting kit that lets kids make bracelets of different colors. Indeed, the Rainbow loom is the hottest fad since the previous “Zany band” craze previous years ago.

Rainbow Loom inventor Cheong Choon Ng made the first videos in YouTube in order to show how to use this product. It has been a big hit that currently customers themselves make instructional videos. You can see the list of these videos on this page.

Parents love Rainbow Loom promotes children’s creativity, focus and their motor skills as well. In contrary to this, school teachers hate it because they believe students are being addicted in creating these bracelets. There were reports that Rainbow Loom is banned in two New York Schools.

Rainbow loom is indeed a runaway hit. It sold more than 3 million piece and its number is continuously growing. There were reports that company now is expanding and in the process of distributing a metal version of their plastic model.



Visit our tutorial pages to know how to create wonderful and awesome rainbow loom bracelets and rainbow loom rings.


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